Daewoo Final Drives & Track Motors

Are you looking for a new or reconditioned final drive for your Daewoo Excavator?

We stock Final drives/travel devices/track motors for Daewoo excavators.

We stock genuine, original OEM, aftermarket and Hy-trac fully interchangeable units.

All Final Drives come with up to a TWO YEAR WARRANTY

Some of the Daewoo Excavator Final Drive models we have in stock:
S015, S015PLUS, S030, S030PLUS, S035, S55, S55-VPLUS, S75-V, S130-3, S170-3, S220LC-3, S280LC-3, S330-3, S400LC-3, S450-3, S70-3, S130LC-V, S130-5, S140LC-V, S140-5, S150LC-V, S150-5, S155LC-V, S155-5, S170LC-V, S170-5, S220LC-V, S220-5, S225LC-5, S225-5, S230LC-V, S230-5, S250LC-V, S250-5, 255LC-V, S255-5, S290LC-V, 290LC-5, S300LC-V, S300LC-5, S330LC-V, S330-5, S340LC-V, S340LC-5, S400LC-V, S400-5, S420LC-V, S400-5, S470LC-V, S470-5, S500LC-V, S500-5

We deliver to the USA & Europe next day using Priority Shipping and all our prices include free Economy Shipping to the United States.

We have in stock final drives / travel motors for Daewoo excavators the 3 tonne S035 mini excavator up to the 50 ton DX520. For the DX520, DX480, 500LCV, 470LCV & 450LCV we have used, reconditioned and new units P/N’s 2401-6292A, 2401-9228, 2401-9229A, 2401-9229  ready to ship.

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