Centaflex Couplings

Terrapart stock a wide range of Centa / Centaflex A & H type couplings (Miki Pulley, Lovejoy, Centaflex) for industrial applications.  In most cases we just need to know the details/references stamped into the coupling to identify what you need.

Our most popular couplings are divided into two series. Type “A” and “H” series.

“A” series are made by precision die-cast aluminium parts, vulcanized into high quality rubber; high tensile, self-securing screws and steel hubs machined all over. These couplings require no maintenance. The rubber parts suffer no wear, providing long useful life with no dirt produced by rubber particles.

 “H” series flexible component is made of “Hytrel” polyester. These pumps elastomer have built in aluminium or steel bushes which are bolted on alternatively axially and radially. These couplings were specially developed for connecting diesel engines and hydrostatic pumps.

Main principle application for these couplings are: excavators, cranes, loaders, dumpers, graders, paving mixers, concrete pumps, tractors, boats, mining machinery, generators, etc.

We stock a wide range of centaflex couplings.

These couplings are known by different names typically pump couplers and hydraulic pump couplings. We stock popular types including 4A, 8A, 16A, 30A, 50A, 90A and 140A as well as 4AS, 8AS, 16AS, 30AS, 50AS 90AS and 140AS types. Also the fast moving 50H, 110H and 140H type. Any coupling not available from stock can be obtained from the factory usually within 24 hours. Please see our coupling page for a view of the different units we stock. This page can also be very helpful in identifying the type you need.









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