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Understanding hydraulic pumps

  • Which types of hydraulic pumps are used in excavators? Excavators primarily use three types of hydraulic pumps: gear, piston, and vane. Gear pumps are common in heavy equipment due to their ease of maintenance, tolerance for contamination, and cost-effectiveness. Piston pumps are the choice for high-pressure needs and variable flow requirements, offering both fixed and variable displacement options​​. Vane pumps, although typically found in older equipment, use a rotating cartridge with vanes to transport oil and are similar to gear pumps in operation​​.

  • What functions do hydraulic pumps serve in heavy equipment? Hydraulic pumps in excavators and other heavy machinery are the heart of hydraulic systems. They convert mechanical energy into hydraulic energy, which is then used to move cylinders, rotate motors, and power various machine functions. These pumps are responsible for the pressurized fluid that enables the boom, arm, and bucket to move, and are essential for the operation of swing and travel motors, as well as auxiliary hydraulics for attachments like hammers and shears​​.

  • How can you tell if a hydraulic pump is failing? Increased noise, heat, and erratic operation of cylinders are signs of a failing hydraulic pump. A decrease in the speed of cylinders or hydraulic motors, or a complete failure of the system, can also indicate pump issues. Unusual noises like banging or knocking, suggest air in the system or cavitation. Interior or exterior leaks, and continuously failing seals which may point to a bent or misaligned rod.

  • How do you choose the right hydraulic pump? The best hydraulic pump for an excavator depends on the machine’s specific needs, including the required pressure, flow rate, and operational complexity. Gear pumps are suitable for most standard excavator operations due to their reliability and simplicity. For more demanding applications where pressure and flow vary, piston pumps are preferred. It’s improant to consider the manufacturer’s specifications and the operational demands of the excavator when choosing a pump.

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