Volvo excavator swing gearboxes | EC135B, EW145B, EC140B, EC140C, EC140D, EC160B, EC160C, EC180B, EC180C

In stock new OEM swing reducers, swing reduction gears for Volvo excavators. We are the only independent stockist of all the swing gears for Volvo excavators EC135B, EW145B, EC140B, EC140C, EC140D EC160B, EC160C, EC180B, EC180C

Volvo excavator swing reducer part numbers 14540907, VOE14540907, 14541064, 14507900, VOE14541064, VOE14507900, 14540719, 14550719, 14515046, 14541067, VOE14540719, VOE14550719, VOE14515046, VOE14541067, 14563342, 14563341, 14520569, 14530322, VOE14563342, VOE14563341, VOE14520569, VOE14530322

All our units come with a ONE YEAR Warranty. Worldwide shipping including next day delivery to United States, United Kingdom & Europe.








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