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Like all components, a final drive can become less efficient over time, especially when pushed hard every day.

A final drive is composed of a reduction gear, hydraulic motor, parking brake, and other components, and it is responsible for driving the excavator or crane forward or backwards.

It is not surprising that they are considered by many to be one of the most critical hydraulic components of many tracked machines.

It is essential to know the signs of a failing final drive before it is too late and you find yourself with a potentially costly recovery and repair.

Identifying issues

Although many things can cause failure, a common issue within final drives is the bearings.

1. Vibration

One indication that your drive may be facing imminent bearing failure is increased or unusual vibration. Bearings are designed to reduce friction and align high-speed rotating components like shafts and gears, and when wear takes place, excessive vibration can occur, damaging elements and reducing efficiency. This can ultimately lead to your final drive often failing when under load, so don’t ignore new vibrations!

2. Noise

Noise is another sign of impending bearing failure. If you can hear grinding, knocking, and high-pitched squeals, then it is a good indication that there is an issue with the bearings of the drive, and action needs to be taken.

3. Overheating

Reducing friction is one of the critical roles of a bearing. When bearings begin to fail, friction will increase, generating heat. A good indicator is when the final drive is hot to the touch. In that case, it must be investigated, especially as overheating can also indicate other more system-wide issues.

Avoid machinery downtime

If your final drive motor has the symptoms of bearing failure, don’t ignore them, as it can lead to lengthy and expensive downtime. Terrapart is here to help keep your machine operating at its best.

Terrapart stocks a range of high-specification and OEM-quality final drives to suit the most common excavator models on the market.

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