Kubota Excavator Final Drives

Kubota Final Drives for the following excavator models  KX31, KX71-2, KX41 KX91-3, KX61, U35-3, KX71, KX101-3, KX101, KX36-3, K040, KH022, KX151,  KX040, K022, K025, KX61-2,  KX61-3, KX71-3, KX41-3, KX91-2, KX021, K035, U45, U35,  KH101,  KX91-3SS,  U25-3, KX121-2,  U20, KX121-3, KX251,  KX121-3SS ,KX033,  K045,  KX038,  KX161-2,  KX026,  KX080-3, KH91-2

All our final drives come with a TWO YEAR WARRANTY



We deliver to United States, Europe and United kingdom using next day express service.

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