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Call us today for all Komatsu final drives and track motors for Komatsu excavators.

We stock new Interchangeable, OEM, Reconditioned and Aftermarket final drives for almost all Komatsu Excavators from 0.5 tons to 24 tons. Why recondition when new is cheaper? Certainly cheaper in the long run and more often than not in the short run too! The advantages of purchasing new are obvious not least because of the savings in down time and the peace of mind a new unit brings.


Our Komatsu Final drives all come with our industry leading 2 year warranty, easy to follow fitting instructions and fast delivery options worldwide. From our door to your door can be as easy as 1,2,3.

1 identify the problem and get details from the motor

2 Call Terrapart and purchase your new Komatsu Final drive

3 take delivery and fit the drive to your Komatsu excavator


No one understands what you need more than we do and no one stocks as many final drives and fittings as we can for Komatsu excavators up to 24 tons.

Our drives are the highest quality and we are proud to supply each and every one of them.


we stock Final drives for the following Komatsu Excavator models.

PC05-7 PC10-7 PC10-8 PC15-7 PC15R-8 PC30-5, PC30-6, PC12R-8, PC10-6, PC20-3, PC20-7 PC20-5, PC80-3, PC27R-8, PC60-5, PC60-6, PC60-7E, PC78MS-6,  PC30MR-3, PC40-5, PC14RHS, PC18MR-2, PC38UU-2E, PC20MR-1, PC35-8, PC35R-8, PC75R-2, PC95, PC50MR-2, PC45RF, PC88MS-6, PC40FR-1, PC128, PC100-6, PC120-6, PC120-2, PC138, PC130-6, PC130-6K, PC130-7K, PC130-7, PC130-8, PC138UU-8 PC200-6 PC200LC-6 PC200LC-7 PC200-7 PC200-8 PC220-6 PC200-8 PC200-6 PC210-7 PC210-7K PC210LC-6 PC210-6 PC210LC-6K PC240-6 PC240-6K PC210-7K PC200-6 PC210-8 PC210-6K PC210-8K PC240NLC-6. And many more.

Just some of the part numbers we can supply are

20X-60-21101, 20R-60-31100, 20N-60-422010, 20P-60-71101, 20P-60-72300, 20P-60-71100, 201-60-61100, 201-60-51102, 21W-60-41201, 22P-60-11301, 203-60-63102, 22J-60-25402, 20S-60-22100, 20W-60-91501, 21Y-60-12300, 22B-60-11330, 203-60-63110, 203-60-63410, 22B-60-22112 20Y-27-00201HT 20Y-27-00201 206-27-00101 20Y-27-00200 20Y-27-00202 206-27-00500 206-27-00510 206-27-00202 20Y-27-00102 20Y-27-00101 20Y-27-00204 206-27-K1100 20Y-27-K1220

20Y-27-K1210 20Y-27-00501 20Y-27-K1200 20Y-27-00500 20Y-27-00352 20Y-27-00350 20Y-27-00212 708-8F-00250 20Y-27-00212 708-8F-00211 20Y-27-00430 20Y-27-00351 20Y-27-00432 20y-27-00503 20Y-27-00560 20Y-27-00590


Don’t see your part number or model of komatsu excavator here call us as we probably know it.

Shipping to your door at your convenience at the right price is what we do.

Trust in one the world’s leading final drive suppliers and call or email Terrapart today










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