Komatsu Excavator Final Drives & Track Motors

We currently have stock of new interchangeable Hy-trac final drives to fit Komatsu models: PC200-6, PC200LC-6, PC200LC-7, PC200-7, PC200-8, PC220-6, PC200-8, PC200-6, PC220-7, PC210-7, PC210-7K, PC210LC-6, PC210-6, PC210LC-6K, PC240-6, PC240-6K, PC210-7K, PC200-6, PC210-8, PC210-6K, PC210-8K, PC240NLC-6

Our Korean made drives are fully interchangeable with part numbers: 20Y-27-00201HT, 20Y-27-00201, 206-27-00101, 20Y-27-00200, 20Y-27-00202, 206-27-00500, 206-27-00510, 206-27-00202, 20Y-27-00102, 20Y-27-00101, 20Y-27-00204, 206-27-K1100, 20Y-27-K1220, 20Y-27-K1210, 20Y-27-00501, 20Y-27-K1200, 20Y-27-00500, 20Y-27-00352, 20Y-27-00350, 20Y-27-00212, 708-8F-00250, 20Y-27-00212, 708-8F-00211, 20Y-27-00430, 20Y-27-00351, 20Y-27-00432, 20Y-27-00503, 20Y-27-00560, 20Y-27-00561, 20Y-27-00590, 20Y-27-00300

We can ship final drives world wide so call us today for a delivered price

Komatsu Final Drives PC200-6

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