Hyundai Swing Motors | R290LC9, R300LC9, R320LC9, R330LC-9

New genuine and OEM swing motors for Hyundai excavator models R290LC9, R300LC9, R320LC9, R330LC-9

Hyundai swing motor reducer part numbers: 31Q8-10150, 31Q8-10151, 31Q8-10130, XKAH-01596, 31Q8-10152, 31Q8-10152SG8, 31Q8-10131AR, 31Q8-10131, 31Q8-10200, 31Q8-101200SG8, 31Q8-10170, 31Q8-10170AR, 39Q8-10150, 39Q8-10151, 38Q8-10150, 38Q8-10151, 39Q8-11100, 39Q8-11101, 38Q8-11100, 38Q8-11101, 31Q9-10160, 31Q9-19150, 31Q9-19150SG8, 31Q9-10160

All brand new swing motors come with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY.






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