Hydraulic Pump Couplings – Worldwide delivery

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Terrapart are pleased to stock Centaflex style Hydraulic pump couplings for a variety of machines. We stock Hydraulic pump couplings that interchange with the Centaflex and Lovejoy couplings for export anywhere in the world with DHL & UPS courier service.

From size 4 couplings to size 160 couplings we stock most sizes and types.

4A, 4AS, 8A, 8AS, 16A, 16AS, 25A, 25AS, 30A, 30AS, 30H, 40A, 40AS, 40H, 50A, 50AS, 50H, 110H, 140H, 160H, 90A, 90AS, 140A, 80A, 35H, 35A & 35AS

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