Final drives for Hitachi, Airman & John Deere Excavators

We stock a large variety of new complete final drives for the following Hitachi, Airman and John Deere excavators.

Models include: EX25, EX30, EX30-2 EX33, EX35U, EX27, EX22, AX30, AX30-2, AX35-2, AX35, AX25-2, JD27ZTS, 27D, 27ZTS, JD27D, JD35D, 35D, JD35ZTS, 35ZTS, ZX30, ZX30UR, ZX27, ZX35, ZX35UR & ZX30-3.

Hitachi part numbers: 4309477, 4331679, 4420998, 4266832, 4331679, 4331680, 4420998, 4420996, 4691488, 4691489, TH4420998 & 4466796









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