Excavator Swing Reducers / Swing Reduction Gearboxes

Terrapart are pleased to offer the following swing reducers

Doosan / Daewoo Swing Reducer | DX480, DX520, 470LCV, 500LCV & 450-3

In stock new genuine swing reducers for Daewoo Doosan excavator models DX480, DX520, 470LCV, 500LCV  & 450-3

 Hyundai / Samsung RG08 Swing Reducers: RG08S172-01, RG08S-159-02 RG08S-139-07

 New Hyundai genuine RG08 swing reducers in stock

 Hyundai Excavator models include: RG08S172-01, RG08S-159-02 RG08S-139-07

 Suitable for Samsung & Hyundai excavators

 Excavator part numbers: 7118-52101, 7118-01713, 7118-30110, 7118-01461, 7118-01460, 7118-52101, 7118-52191, E131-0042, SG08 & 31EM-10131

 Caterpillar swing reducers: 1527375, 152-7375 (GENUINE)

 In stock New Genuine / Original Caterpillar Swing Reducer:

 Caterpillar models include: 316B, M315C, M318C, M315D, M316C & M313D

 Caterpillar part number: 1527375 & 152-7375

 SUNJIN excavator Swing Reducers & Swing Gearboxes

 We stock New Original SUNJIN Swing Reducers / Swing Gearboxes for Japanese & Korean excavators 12 to 36 tonnes.

 All our units comes with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY

 Hyundai Swing Motors: R210LC9, R210LC9BC, R210NLC9, R210W-9, R2210LC9A, R220NLC9A, RB220LC9S & RD220LC9

In stock new original OEM & Genuine swing motors for Hyundai excavators models R210LC9 R210LC9BC R210NLC9 R210W-9 R2210LC9A R220NLC9A RB220LC9S RD220LC9

Hyundai excavator parts numbers 31Q6-10131 & 31Q6-10130

 Hyundai R360LC-7, R360LC-9, RC380-9 & HX380 swing gearboxes & swing motors

 In stock new swing reduction gearboxes and swing motors for Hyundai excavator models R360LC-7 and R360LC-9, R380-9 & HX380 

Hyundai excavator parts numbers 31QA10140, 31QA-10141, 31QA-10142, 31QA-10130, 31QA-10151, 31QA-10130 ,31NA-10120, 31NA-10170, 31NA-10160 & XJDB-00223 

Hyundai R320LC-9 Swing motor and gearbox / swing reducer assemblies now in stock 

Hyundai excavator parts numbers: 31Q9-10160, 31Q9-19150, 31Q9-19150SG, 31Q9-19150, 31Q9-19150SG, 31Q8-10170, 31Q8-10170AR, 31Q9-19140, 31Q9-19140AR, XKAH-01596, XKAH-01597

Samsung Swing Reducers for SE130, SE130LC, SE130LC-2 & SE130LCM-2

Case Swing reduction gearbox

In stock reconditioned swing reducers / swing reduction gearboxes for Samsung excavators models: SE130, SE130LC, SE130LC-2

Swing Gearboxes / Swing Reducers for Daewoo S400LC-3

New and reconditioned swing gearboxes / swing reducers for Daewoo excavator models S400LC-3

Daewoo excavator parts numbers: 2401-9166A, RG20S-196-02 & RG20S-220-06.

We also stock the swing motor 2401-9291 & MFC250-001E

Hyundai Excavator Swing reduction gearboxes / Swing Reducers

We stock swing reduction gearboxes / swing reducers for Hyundai excavator models : R210W-9, R220-9, R210-9, R180-9, R320-3, R160-9, R170W-9, R520-9, R500-7, R480-9, R380-9, R450-7, R320-7, R140-9, R290-7, R200W-7, R200W-7, R210-3, R210, R320-3, R140-7, R360-7, R210-7, R320, R130-3, R360-3, R250-3, R280-3, R130, R450-3, R160-3, R280 & R130W

Hyundai excavator parts numbers: RG04S-152-05, RG04S-152-02, 804-000-95-00, 804-000-25-00, RG20S-220-07, RG20S-196-03, RG16S24D7, RG16S23D2, 130426-00004, 31EG-10030, 5630010D12, 37T2C027N1011, RG12S-202-05, RG08S-168-11, RG08S-1659-02, RG08S-172-01, 34E7-03041, 34E7-03040, 31N6-10150, 31N6-10180, 31EN-10031, 31N6-10170, 31N6-10210, 31E9-01050, 31E9-01051, 31E9-01052, 31N9-10152, 31N9-10180, 31N9-10181, 31N9-10150, 31N9-10151, 31E9-10152, 31NA-10150, 31NA-10151, 31NA-10152, XJDB-00357, 31QA-10140, 31EN-10071, 31EN-10070, 31QB-10140, XJDB-00162, 31NA-10120, 31E6-12030, 31E6-12031, 31N4-10140, 31N4-10141, 31EM-10130, 31EN-10131, 31Q4-11142, 31Q4-11141, 31Q4-11140, 31N8-10180, 31N8-10181, 31N9-10152, 31N9-10180, 31NB-11150, 31Q6-10140, 31N9-10150, 31N9-10151, 31N9-10152, 31N9-10180, 31N4-10140, 31N4-10141, 31N4-10142 & 31E6-12031


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