Doosan Excavator Swing Gearboxes

We stock new genuine swing reducer / swing gearboxes for Daewoo Doosan excavator models DX140LC-3, DX160LC-3, DX140LC-5, DX160LC-5, DX140W-3, DX160W-3, DX140W-5, DX160W-5, DX165W-5, DX140-3, DX140-5,DX160-3,DX160-5

Doosan excavator swing reducer part numbers 130426-00043, 130426-00022, 170301-00160, 170301-00160A, 170301-00160C, K1041841, K1007357B

These units ship to the USA Canada & Europe in 3 days with DHL. The price we quote will be all-inclusive delivered to your door


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