Doosan Excavator & Loader Parts | Final Drives, Swing Motors, Swing Gearbox, MCV, Hydraulic Pumps

New genuine final drives for Doosan excavator model DX700 & DX700LC in stock

Doosan excavator parts numbers: K1051647

New genuine final drives in stock for Doosan excavator models 220LCV and S225LCV.

Doosan excavator part number: 401-00454C

Doosan Excavator Models: S220LC-V, S220LL, S225LC-V, S225LL, S225NLC-V

Doosan DX27Z Mini excavator final drives         

We stock final drives for Doosan DX27Z mini excavators, new genuine and new Hy-trac units available from stock

Our drives are suitable for part numbers 170403-00125, 172168-73300, K1013467A and K1013467

In stock new hydraulic oil coolers made in Japan for Doosan excavators models: DX480, DX420 & DX520

In stock 4 inch Doosan monitor panels suitable for DX excavator models

Doosan parts numbers: 539-00076B, 539-0007E, 539-00076G, 539-00076C, 539-00076, 300426-00007 & 300426-00007A

DX700 Travel motors

Currently in stock new genuine travel motors for Doosan DX700 excavators

These are part number K1051582 suitable for all DX700 machines and form part of 170401-00010 (complete final drive) along with the gearbox part number K105164, which we also stock

New in stock complete final drives with travel motor for Doosan Excavator models: DX480LCA, DX490LC, DX500LCA, DX520LC-3 & DX53KLC-5

Doosan Excavator part numbers: 170401-0009, TM100VD, MBEB241A, MBEB241C

In stock new genuine main control valves for Daewoo Doosan excavator models DX140W & DX160W

Doosan excavator parts numbers 410105-00033, 410105-00078 & K1015269B

In stock Doosan Loader main hydraulic pump

Doosan Loader models:, DL500, DL450 & DL500

Loader part numbers: K1003138A & K1003138B

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In stock new swing reducers / swing gears for Doosan excavator models DX480 & DX520

Doosan excavator parts numbers K100350, K1033589, 130426-00005, 130426-00005A  & K1033589

New in stock swing reducers and swing motors for Doosan excavators models: DX180LC, DX190W DX210W, DX225LL

Doosan excavator parts numbers: 170301-00107C, 170301-00107, 170303-00048A, 130426-00009A, 170303-00050B, 170303-00050A, 170303-00050, 170303-00048 ,K1000697A, K1000777A, K1000697, 130426-00009, 130426-00009A ,K1013561

In stock couplings for Doosan loading shovels DL450 and DL500

Daewoo parts number: K1007524

All parts are available for worldwide shipment

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