Daewoo Swing Reducers & Swing Reduction Gearboxes

In stock new swing reducers / swing reduction gearboxes for Daewoo & Doosan excavator models DX300, S300LCV, S290LCV, S280LC-3, S250LCV, S255LCV

Daewoo Doosan excavator parts numbers 130401-00021, K1002518, K1002518A, 404-00096, 404-00089, 404-00089B, K1002518B, 2101-1025J, 2101-1025K, 2404-1304E, 2105-1025D, 2101-1025C, 2101-1025H, 401-00457, 401-00457B, 401-00230 ,401-00457, 401-00224G, 170301-00051A, 401-00224B, 401-00224C, 401-00224E, 401-00457B, 401-00126A, 401-00125B, 170301-00050B,  170301-00050A, 401-00316B, 2401-9242, 2410-9242A, 2401-9242B, 170303-00051A, 404-00096B

We also stock swing motors to match all of the above such as part number 401-00457B

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