Centaflex, Lovejoy, Mikki Pulley couplings

We stock a wide range of Centaflex couplings for all hydraulic to engine solutions for excavators, log splitters even ride on lawn mowers. All we need to quote from stock is the size number and bolt type.

In stock are Size 4A, 4AS, 8A, 8AS 16A, 16AS, 20A, 20AS, 25A, 25AS, 25H, 30A, 30AS, 30H, 35A, 35AS, 35H, 40A, 40AS, 40H, 45A, 45AS, 45H, 50A, 50AS, 50H, 110A, 110AS, 110H 140A, 140AS, 140H, 160H, 240H

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