Case, Linkbelt, new Holland & Kobelco Final Drives

We are pleased to offer our new range of heavy duty final drives for the Linkbelt, Case New Holland and Kobelco excavators from 29 to 35 tonnes

Our new range of drives are more hard wearing, than other similar aftermarket units.

These drives match up to part numbers KSA13050, KSA16280, LN002190 KSA10222, LJ018770, LJ018710, MAG180VP-6000G-S2, KYB B0240-93067, KBA10750, KBA1319, KBA1137, LJ018700, LJ00953, LJO0953, LN001980, H 7 3 0365  M4V245/140Z, A 7 3 0033 M4V245-140Z, A7X0061, M4V254Z-RG5.5, H70806, LC15V00023F2, LC15V00023F1, Nabtesco M4V290, M4V290290RG6.5, H6X0826, LC15V00023F1,  M4V290/17F, A6X0048, LC LC15V00026F1, LC15V00026F2, LC15V00005F4, LC15V00007F3, LC15V00007F1, M3V260/150A, KBA10752, LN001980, LJ018700, B0440-93052,  MSF-180VP-G, LJ018770, KSA10220, LJ018710, LJO18710, LJ013790, KBA10190, KSA14090, LN001980, LN003630, KBA14840, KSA13050, LJ018600, LJ018710, LJ018710, LJ01273

Our new Heavy duty Hy-trac final drives fit the following machines CX290, CX330, CX350, 330LX, 290LX, E385, E305, E365, 290×3, 300×3, 300LX, CX300D, 350LX3, SK350-8, 240X, 240X2, SH330

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