Kawasaki Hydraulic pumps for Doosan \ Daewoo: 130-5, 140LCV, DX140, TXC140 & 130LCV

In stock new OEM, Hy-trac and genuine Kawasaki hydraulic pumps for Daewoo and Doosan excavators models: 130-5, 140LCV, DX140, TXC140, 130LCV

Also in stock new hydraulic pumps for the excavator models: DX140LC-3, DX160LC-3, DX140LCR and DX140W, DX160W

Daewoo Doosan excavator parts numbers: 2401-9236, 2401-9236a, 2401-9236B, 401-00518, 400914-00174A, K1040160A, 400914-00114B, 400914-00114, 401-00476A







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